Girly Stuff: Dresses and Make-Up by Yiannis Marketakis and Max Factor

The secret of not wasting too much time deciding what to wear everyday is to invest to a couple of statement pieces or at least items that have this extra something that makes the difference and looks cool without really having to add many accessories. And this is exactly the reason why I got this dress without a second thought. Apart from the fact that I liked the girly line and the summery color, I also loved the fact that it can be paired with almost every piece one already has. Statement necklaces? check! Platforms? check! Cute flats? check!
AND it looks good even when you turn your back!
 (Suiteblanco dress, Accessorize necklace, Uterque Sunglasses, Anna-Maria Mazaraki ring)
So, no wonder why this dress was my first choice last Saturday  when I headed downtown to meet  Yiannis Marketakis at his Make Up Lab in Psyrri, Athens. 
The funny thing is that my dear friend and fellow blogger Lopi chose to wear pretty much the same thing, only she rocked the green, top version of the dress! See? Great minds think alike! 
(Yet another Accessorize necklace!)
And the back!
Our visit to the Make up Lab was (of course) very enlightening when it comes to the Summer make-up trends and Yiannis even showed us step by step how to achieve a very beautiful - 80's inspired look using Max Factor's yellow, green and orange eye shadow palette. (See it up close here )
And speaking of my visit to Make up Lab I couldn't not share some pics of my new Max Factor Favorites!
(Starting from the left: the Flipstick, the Liquid Effect Eye Pencil in brown, the new False Lash Effect Mascara, a concealer, a classic red lipstick, Glossfinity Nail Laquer, Max Factor's Ageless Elixir makeup) 

And the winner is: The Max Factor Ruby Tuesday Lipstick!
Despite the fact that I loved all the products and I use them daily, I absolutely can't get enough of  the Ruby Tuesday red Lipstick. Not only is it the absolute red but at the same time it's very easy to apply, it's smoother than you can imagine and the best of all? It really is long lasting! If you are into red lipstick you should definitely fet this one!

Click here to see Yiannis' Marketakis' Make up tips 
Click here to see the look that Yiannis Marketakis created with the yellow, green and orange Max Factor Eye Shadow Palette


Maria said...

Τέλειο το φόρεμα!!!Σου πάει πολύ!!!Φιλιά!!!

Style LimeLight said...

koukla me to forema!!!kai m aresoun poly ta mallia s!!
Style LimeLight

cessione del quinto said...

El vestido es lindisimo,me chifla ese color,y el maquillaje es el apropiado ,me encanta.Paola L. deApparecchio denti

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